Meet Cyndi Lynne

Integrative Life Coach

Cyndi Lynne

As an Integrative Life Coach, I help successful, professional women, disillusioned with the wellness industry, go from overweight, overbooked and overwhelmed to fully alive, happy and healthy, integrating meaningful practices into their lives so they can experience the same confidence and success at home as they have their careers.

My story: After 25+ years working in the healthcare industry (ironically enough) and corporate settings, I could feel my own health and wellbeing begin to slide. Long hours, travel requirements, meals on the road and varying levels of stress began taking their toll. I realized what was going on, but, at first, I was not inclined to ask for help. After all, I figured, I should be able to figure this out, I managed my career and other parts of my life quite successfully. I should know how to get healthy! And then, when I finally realized I couldn’t “do this alone”, I was paralyzed by the number of choices, brands, methods, plans, philosophies and practitioners that wanted me to follow them, almost blindly.

It was then, that I knew I could not just purchase a plan, sign up for a class or join a gym. I needed to really learn, to understand, to evaluate what my body needed and the best way to go about healing. Continuing that process and sharing what I’ve learned with my clients has become my life-long mission.

In working with clients to create balance, stability and strength in their bodies I often find that they need to discover or create the same in their personal and emotional lives. I see successful, professional women struggling to make themselves and their health a priority. Unfortunately, by the time stress levels begin impacting physical health, it becomes even more of a struggle to address the situation alone.

Since leaving the corporate world and opening my own business, I have gotten almost as many questions relating to my career transition as I have about MAT, personal training, yoga and health. Through this process, I have found my passion in sharing my experience and guiding others who are passionate about making significant, positive changes in their own lives.

I hold a BSc.Nursing, with a focus on Cardiology and Electrophysiology, I am a Certified Coach. In addition I am a Specialist in the practice of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), a Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor and owner of The Reluctant Athlete, LLC.

I currently work with clients of all ages and abilities as they work to improve their lifestyle livelihood,health, and fitness.

Our lives begin today. We are in charge. We get to, we have to, take that first step.  I can’t walk for you, but I will walk with you.

Everything we consume shapes our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.  We get to, we have to, choose foods, movement, relationships, and thoughts that keep us true to our paths. I can’t choose for you, but I will share with you, a vast array of authentic, high-vibration options.  Options that are appropriate for you, right where you are in life, this very moment.

Successful change requires us to build a bridge between the life that we have and the life that we want.  Therefore, we must plan, and prepare for, the life of our dreams.  I don’t know your dreams, yet.  But, I will help you artfully design the changes required and build those bridges with you.

We live our lives independent of others opinions, expectations, and definitions.  We recognize the need for true, authentic health in every aspect of our being, in order to fulfill our deepest desires.

We have arrived at this moment in our lives.  Ready to step into our power,  fully experience our lives, discover our desires and manifest our dreams.

Together on this journey, Cyndi Lynne