Integrative Life Coaching

Your Diagnosis Does Not Have to Be Your Destiny

Have you ever felt like your diagnosis has taking over your life? Like the old, familiar version of yourself has disappeared? Are you struggling with the shock of a new diagnosis or trying to remember what life was like before?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

My passion is working with women, just like you, individually, to reclaim their lives, redefine optimal health and build resilience after their diagnosis.

Integrative Life Coaching


Coaching is Going to Help You?

By working together, you will

Feel empowered to manage your diagnosis your way

Became a savvy healthcare consumer and a full partner on your healthcare team

Actively manage your career and personal brand throughout your treatments

Maintain an identity separate from your diagnosis

Cultivate optimal health under any circumstances

Build resilience from this and all of your life experiences

How would it feel to “do your diagnosis” confidently, with self-compassion and grace?

If you’re ready to make the leap and reclaim your life, let’s talk.

Let’s talk

Schedule your Complementary Call

So you can learn more about this unique program and I can learn about your goals and desires.

I understand the deeply personal nature of embarking on this journey. And recognize that my program must be a good fit for you to confidently make the investment to work with me. That’s why we’ll have 45 minutes to get to know each other and make sure all of your questions are answered. I look forward to meeting you.


Kind Words from My Clients

"My journey with Cyndi began over 4 years ago. From the moment I first met her, I somehow knew she was the one to help me find my way in my "new Life". I had hit a major speed bump in my life and was in enormous amount of pain. We started with my physical self and attended to the pain with MAT. I'm still amazed at how quickly my body responded to the MAT - and how good I could feel again (and still do). As time passed and my heart and spirit began to heal as well, Cyndi gently encouraged me to explore uncharted waters within myself. As frightening as this sounded to me, Cyndi's kind approach, paired with her experience and professional background, was (and still is) the added strength I needed to get my feet back under me.

Today I am in a place where my heart is happy, my mind and spirit are clear, and I am stronger and more full of this thing called life than I have ever been. I truly believe I could not have recovered, healed and achieved all that I have to this point without Cyndi's help. She is awesome."

Kara Nielsen

"I began seeing Cyndi while recovering from a hip injury a few years ago. She is at once professional, supportive, empowering, engaging, and witty, with just the right amount of tough love.

She is extremely knowledgeable of body mechanics and worked to address my unique concerns. I have continued to see her on and off for personal training and have kept in touch as she went through her coaching certification classes. She is an inspiration and a guide - once you hear the story of her journey, you'll immediately want to create your own new path - and she'll be there to help you blaze the trail.

Just once in passing I mentioned to her an idea for a business I was thinking of creating one day. She got tears in her eyes as I told her about it - she is THAT excited about the health, well-being, and success of her clients. Absolutely someone you want in your corner!!"

Amanda Daley

"Balancing my work and personal life has always been a struggle for me. I’m so passionate about my work that I have difficulty mentally turning it off. I was convinced I didn’t have the time to focus on me or the things I really want to do in my personal life.

What I discovered from you and your program is that I had lost sight of my personal goals. Instead, I let my personal and family “To-Do’s” masquerade as my goals clogging my routine to the point of utter frustration!

Your tools helped me put a plan in place to move past my old habits, rediscover my true personal passions, redefine them as value-driven goals. Now I feel more in control, am achieving both my professional and personal goals, and have a greater sense of purpose. Thank you!"

DeeAnn McArdle, Business owner, Wife, Mother, & Grandmother