cyndi_lynne_logo Presents…
The Inspired Health 6 Month Private Program
Does This Sound Familiar?

You have a desire for real, authentic health and an amazing vision for your body and you know these things are totally possible. Maybe you’ve even lived that version of yourself before. But, something’s changed. Life, work, family, even you.

And now, you are struggling to have the healthy lifestyle and body you desire. You can’t seem to figure out what to eat, how to exercise and how to remain a priority in your own life. You are frustrated with the endless stream of conflicting information about what is and isn’t healthy. You feel like you’re smart enough to figure this out, but still find yourself in stuck in the same place over and over again.

Something needs to change significantly. Something needs to shift.

What Makes This Program So Different?

I will give you the tools and help you create your own individual program, based on your body and lifestyle needs. Having your own program means that you can adapt with changes in your needs and desires throughout your life.

So many programs are simply a fixed set of rules that happened to work for the designer of that program. The Inspired Health Program draws from the many disciplines of Nursing, Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, and Muscle Activation Techniques, and is truly customized for each individual client.

Let Me Introduce Myself…

clI’m Cyndi Lynne, Coach, Mentor, Nurse, Teacher and Writer. After 20+ years of helping women heal from injury, surgery, and chronic physical issues, it became abundantly clear how intimately women’s happiness and satisfaction with their lives are tied to their bodies and their health.

What was also clear, is that these smart, hardworking, otherwise successful women didn’t know how to bring the same level of success to their health, bodies or their lifestyle.

And I know just what that feels like. I was stuck in a body that wouldn’t respond to my best efforts. I researched and studied and joined programs only to be disappointed and frustrated at my inability to “figure it out”. I watched my weight and blood glucose levels continue to rise while I was “doing everything right”. As a nurse, certified personal trainer, yoga and Pilates instructor, I was embarrassed to be overweight and unhealthy and continued to beat myself up for not having the answers—or, as is often the case, too many “answers”, all conflicting. It wasn’t until I shifted my desires to align with real health and adopted impactful practices that integrated seamlessly into my schedule, that I started living authentically; having the lifestyle I always dreamt of.

From this very compassionate place of knowing, I help my clients become crystal clear on their vision and what they desire (it is often not what they first think). We cultivate a genuine, personal, even selfish (yes, that’s a good thing) motivation to take inspired action, make meaningful changes, eliminate the junk (food, emotions, bad habits). We design, cultivate and integrate impactful daily practices to make their desires and vision their reality.

By the end of our work together clients will have powerful tools and strategies so they can move forward, with confidence, living authentically in the amazingly healthy lifestyle they desire.

Your Solution:
The Inspired Health 6-Month Private Program

Designed specifically for your needs to help you make the meaningful changes to have the personally authentic health, body and life you want, starting right now!

So that you can…

Stop struggling
Understand what your body is telling you
Eliminate the guilt around food, exercise and appearance
Lose the distraction that comes with never being happy with how you look and feel
Release self-sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs
Move from where you are right NOW to your ultimate vision.

Get results! Imagine…

Waking up excited and energized for whatever the day ahead brings
Looking forward to meals with family and friends
Feeling confident, fit and sexy in your body
Enjoying shopping for clothes
Being a role-model for the other women and girls in your life
Living life with ease, excitement and gratitude
Feeling like you finally have your health figured out

Feel Comfortable and at ease…

Knowing you are in good hands on this journey with a partner who supports you 100%.
Being empowered as a decision-maker for your health
Becoming a more savvy consumer of all types of health and wellness products and services
Integrating new health and lifestyle practices into your routine

The Inspired Health Private Program is all about YOU. Solving your problems and struggles. Releasing your blocks. Getting you the results you desire. Creating the healthy lifestyle YOU have always wanted.

It’s your time to shift the focus to yourself. You deserve it!
It’s time to DECIDE & COMMIT to the healthy body and lifestyle that you’ll absolutely love! You have the power to choose. You have the power to change your life, now!


Feeling guilty about what you think you should be doing


Beating yourself up for not meeting your goals


Believing all of those excuses and lies we tell ourselves


Feeling frustrated at your lack of success in this area of your life


Doing the same things and expecting different results



Viewing your life and your body differently


Speaking to yourself differently


Feeling differently about our personal health practices


Living differently, bringing your professional success to your personal life

You need do things differently to get different results.

Living an Integrated Life is the focus of our work together…

Having movement become a natural part of your day

Discovering what is really healthy for your body

Having the physical and emotional energy to invest in relationships

Living deeply present in the meaningful mindful moments of your daily life, free from worry, fear, or shame

Connecting to your Inner wisdom to take your next steps in all areas of your life

Uncovering your deepest desires, passions and purpose moving seamlessly from one aspect of your life to the next with ease

Seeking beauty, inspiration and excitement in all you do

Being open to all possibilities, being able to say yes and no

Infusing your everyday life with play, fun, laughter, joy and radical pleasure

Being a conscious co-creator of your life, making your dreams become your reality

What is included in the 6-month private program?


1 hour initial session


Two 50-minute sessions per month


Limited email and text correspondence


1 year membership to The Inspired Action Insiders Private Facebook Group


My self-paced program “21 days to Radically Reshape your Routine and Recapture the Joy in your Day”

Yes! I Want to Learn More!

I’m looking for clients who want to improve their health & lives and work with me for the next 6 months.  Is that you?

Together on this journey, Cyndi Lynne

P.S. Let’s talk soon. I can’t wait to inspire your journey to health