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I’m sorry, but all the tests indicate…”you’ve been diagnosed with…” “Unfortunately you have…”

I remember hearing those words, the shock, the fear, the anger, the confusion. And shortly after, the overwhelming sense of “What now?”

And if you’ve found your way here, you’ve probably heard similar words. Words you didn’t want to hear, or secretly suspected. Words that shocked and practically paralyzed you. Or perhaps, words that brought a fleeting moment of relief, because you finally knew what was wrong. And the question remained the same: “What now?”

I understand and I welcome you.

About Cyndi Lynne Integrative Life Coach


Integrative Life Coach?

I’ve navigated the “What now?” as a nurse, a patient, as a mother and a daughter.

In the early years as a nurse, I often wondered, how people experiencing the very same diagnosis could have such different outcomes, from glowing health on one end of the spectrum to a complete loss of the will to live on the other. I was working on a busy cardiology unit the time, and “What now?” wasn’t the primary concern for those first critical hours I spent with a patient.

Years later, as a health coach, personal trainer and yoga instructor, my clients would often share their “bad news” and ask what now? Together, (hopefully) with their doctor, they had chosen a treatment plan specific to their diagnosis. But, as for the rest of their health and lifestyle, they were basically on their own. The one constant for all of these clients: a print-out with diet instructions and an admonishment to get more exercise—and so they would come to me for help and guidance with those instructions.

But, optimal health, especially in the face of a diagnosis is so much more than diet and exercise.

Working together on the fundamentals of health and wellness, always tailored to their diagnosis, my clients began to eat better, sleep better, move more easily, recover from treatments more quickly and simply feel happier.

Over time, I began to recognize certain qualities in the clients who have the greatest success and the best outcomes.

Without exception and regardless of the diagnosis, be it cancer, thyroid dysfunction, orthopedic issues, Polycystic Ovary Disease, Diabetes…the very best outcomes are achieved by women who actively:

Manage their lives and diagnoses.
Make informed decisions followed by intentional actions.
Maintain their sense of identity, independent of their diagnosis.
Pursue opportunities for optimal health at every stage.
The good news, these are all characteristics that can be cultivated and acquired. And all become critical pieces when working with clients after the diagnosis.


Let’s create the next chapter in your story

Your Diagnosis Does Not Have to Be Your Destiny

I believe that you can choose to have the very best outcome, choose to “do your diagnosis” in a very different way, a positive way that will leave you stronger and more resilient than you ever imagined.

Your diagnosis is not your destiny. It is the next chapter in your story. One that we can co-create.


Professional Bio

With 25+ years of nursing experience and successfully navigating numerous health challenges of her own, Cyndi Lynne has become an expert at helping women transcend their diagnosis and reclaim powerful, beautiful lives.

In addition to integrative coaching, she uses a variety of bodywork including yoga, pilates and Reiki to move clients beyond the limitations of a diagnosis and back to a full life. Believing that even in the face of chronic illness we can choose to experience joy and genuine purpose, Cyndi Lynne brings out the forgotten potential in each of her clients.

Her unique framework focuses on deep healing and rediscovering the other aspects of life and health that are so often lost when a diagnosis takes over.

Cyndi Lynne loves to speak about “Healing beyond the Cure” and living your best life after a diagnosis. Your diagnosis does not have to be your destiny.

She splits her time between lakes in Minnesota and Wisconsin with her husband Andy and dachshund rescues, Liesl and Lily.

Proffesional bio